What is Gamer’s Rhapsody? Gamer’s Rhapsody is a video game convention celebrating video game creation. From their art, music, development, and storytelling, video games are highly advanced works of art. We celebrate it by creating a space that talks about gaming in this way and bringing fans and professionals together for a coming interest. What do I do at this convention? At our convention, you can compete in tournaments, listen to over 10 performances of video game music, host a panel, listen to a panel, build a game, learn music in our string clinic, play locally developed games, find nerdy merch, and many more.   Something happened and I can’t go. Can I get a refund on my ticket? Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds on tickets. We do suggest that you transfer the ticket to someone else. To do that, simply contact us at 651-50-GAMER (yes we have an awesome phone number) or gamersrhap@gmail.com, and we’ll change the name on the registration. Do my kids need to pay to get in? If your child is 12 or under, they will get in free with each paid adult. Kids under 13 should be accompanied by an adult at the convention. Hmmm. I’m seeing a lot of video games. What about board games? We are working with a partner to bring board games to Gamer’s Rhapsody 3. Stay tuned for an official announcement. What’s this I hear about a speed running marathon? We are in the process of organizing a marathon that will start Friday at 4pm and go 12 HOURS! It will benefit CarbonFund.org, a non-profit that helps fund projects that reduce carbon emissions all around the world including Minnesota. What can I do to get involved? There are many ways to get involved at Gamer’s Rhapsody. You can volunteer, host a panel, perform, show a game, write faqs, sell merch, and more. How old do I need to be to Volunteer? You should be old enough to get a job in most places, so 16. I’m younger than 16. What can I do? Besides inventing a time machine to make yourself older and come back from the future, you can volunteer with a guardian if you’d like. That person must be at least 18 or older though. (Oh, and if you go into the future, you should bring back the winning lottery numbers on Nov 21, 2016 and only share them with us.) Is there free parking? Yes, and there’s plenty of it too! What are my food options during the event? The hotel does have a bar and restaurant, but there’s also lots of fast food and sit down restaurants within walking distance from the hotel. In addition, you could book a room and bring food into your room, but outside food isn’t allowed in the convention space. What if someone harasses me? At Gamer’s Rhapsody, we do NOT tolerate any sort of discrimination, harassment, or abusive behavior. Our staff will evaluate the situation and take action, up to and including, discharge from the event without refund and potential banishment from future events. If I need elevators to get around, are those available? There are elevators available for the convention space and for the hotel rooms. All areas of the convention will have elevators available. In addition, our layout will be able to accommodate wheelchairs.   Is there really free Red Bull? There certainly is. The awesome folks at Red Bull MSP are giving our attendees enough energy to get through our 24 hour running convention! And you have have as much (in moderation) as you want. What if I’m allergic to caffeine? We suggest staying away from caffeinated beverages. Water in this situation would be your best friend. What if I’m allergic to water? I’ve heard the moon doesn’t have much water. That and New Mexico. Who writes these FAQs? And do people really ask these questions? Our founder, Thomas Spargo, writes these. Sometimes I do get these questions (oops I broke the forth wall (oops I just did it again (excuse our writer, Thomas, for destroying this FAQ))).