Year 4: Coming Soon

Hello Everyone! We know you haven’t heard from us in a little while other than our updates on social media, but after many meetings and decisions, we’ve decided to bring our convention past the holiday season in order to not conflict with the holidays and to avoid other cons that we ended up competing with (unintentionally!) last year. Our Year 4 convention will be fully announced shortly. We will have a booth at Convergence in July with more details. Until then, our new dates will be March 2-4, 2018. We know that’s a long ways from now, so we’ll be planning a smaller intermediate event TBA. We struggled with the sudden move from the Ramada last year and we’re putting our best foot forward to bring you our best year yet. You may have also noticed I haven’t been referring to this event as “Gamer’s Rhapsody” because we are in the process of completing a name restructuring (for lack of better term). We’re thinking of calling the convention name something more obvious and straightforward to make sure all people interested in video game music will understand what our event is about. That being said, our event isn’t making any drastic changes aside from usual annual tweaks. Year 4 will still focus heavily on video game music, development, art, and just playing games. But for those fans of Gamer’s Rhapsody (name), we’re still keeping it. Instead of being just the event name, it will be the organization that puts on this convention. We hope to use it as a unifying element to our other event, The Bit Run, our online presence outside of the convention, and more to follow. If you have questions about any of these changes, shoot us an email at We’d love to hear any thoughts or concerns and to explain more. We hope you’re as excited for Year 4 as all of us at Gamer’s Rhapsody, and we can’t wait to reunite in March! Sincerely, Thomas Spargo and the Gamer’s Rhapsody Committee

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