Tournament: Mario Maker

Are you a Super Mario Platforming wiz? Can you take on the hardest challenges? Then join us for a Mario Maker Tournament. Players will take turns completing levels. Round 1: 1/4 Levels, 2 lives. Each player will have the option of selecting 1 out of 4 levels. They will get 2 lives to complete the stage. Those who complete a single level will move to round 2 Round 2: 2/4 Levels: 2 Lives. Similar to round 1, players will get the option of selecting their own 2 levels, but in order to qualify for round 3, they must complete two levels, with 2 lives per level. Round 3: 3/4 Levels: 2 Lives. Round 4: 4/4 Levels 2 Lives. Should there be a tie in the final round, the player with the fastest time will be the winner.

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