GRID: Fingeance

FINGEANCE takes the best parts of dungeon raiding – teamwork, loot, and gigantic bosses – and brings them to the shoot-em-up genre. It expands on traditional co-op shooters by allowing players to take on distinct strategic roles. One player might build her submarine to protect teammates, while another emphasizes pure destruction. We made Fingeance because we loved the excitement of co-op action games like Jamestown and Metal Slug, but wanted a deeper, more strategic experience. Where games in this genre often encourage replay by demanding perfectionistic bullet-dodging, we reward resourcefulness, creativity, and teamwork. In this shoot-em-up, you might win by freezing bosses in place, building an army of drones, or turning one player into an invincible wall. Different upgrades are available each playthrough, so your team will need to think hard and make the most of what you’re given. youtube twitter facebookglobal-globe-network-planet-web-world-icon-30

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