GRID: Atmocopter

Atmocopter is a retro sidescroller featuring a little helicopter robot who, upon waking up in a less-than-friendly factory, just wants to make it out alive! Navigate Atmocopter through hazardous electraps, bumpers, spider-bots, and more as you press switches and solve puzzles! Switch to Quickmocopter for an added speed boost, or switch to Fatmocopter to take out your enemies and bust down barriers. What rogue machine lies at the heart of the factory…? And can Atmocopter survive long enough to make it there? The answer lies with you, player! See you at Gamer’s Rhapsody! – 1 Player (controller) – Coming to Steam Greenlight at the end of November! – Release date: Mid-2017 – Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux youtube twitter facebook global-globe-network-planet-web-world-icon-30

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