Video Game Talent Show

Do you have a video game related talent you want to share at Gamer’s Rhapsody? Do you want to win $75 and a lifetime ticket to Gamer’s Rhapsody? Then this is the event for you! Join us on Saturday for the annual talent show. Last year, our winner performed the ocarina in a Ninja suit and did a back flip on stage. Contestants will be judged on:
  • Performance quality
  • Costume
  • Audience engagement
  • Stage presence
  • Overall performance
To sign up, visit registration during Gamer’s Rhapsody 3 to get your name on the list. Total contestants will be limited to just 3 minutes. Going over will reduce your score. A maximum of 15 acts will be allowed to perform, so sign up early! A piano will be available, but no other instruments will be provided and must be brought by the contestant. If you wish to have a soundtrack play with your performance, be sure to show up to the main stage at least 20 minutes prior to the Talent show start time. All contestants must have a badge in order to participate.

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