Special Guest: John Byram

John is one of the best mediocre Tetris players in the world.  A devotee of the “not trying too hard” approach, he has a penchant for getting moderately good scores, and then forgetting them.  He did once get a 852,000 starting on level 19.  He only remembers that because Ben Mullen referenced it not so long ago.  His real area of mastery is SNES Dr Mario.  He’s the only person to score over a million points on a single level, and one of only two to score more than four million as a total high score…He suspects he’s also possibly one of the only people to ever play this game for more than a couple hours at a time(considering the lack of competitiveness), but he hasn’t touched it for a few years.  So if anyone would like to challenge him to a 1v1, it’s probably the best time to do it.  

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