Special Guest: Emily Reese

12036523_906885262738714_3301507899228656230_n Emily Reese is a video game music specialist/expert/extraordinaire and Cat Enthusiast. As former host of Top Score™ for MPR, she interviewed dozens of video game music composers and groups to help expose video game music to the classical and greater world. Currently, she is busy with her new company called: Joon Media, Inc.  A company, born in Minneapolis and dedicated to producing podcasts and videos for the world of digital maestros, including gamers, composers, students, and developers. The first project includes Level with Emily Reese. Her new show will expand into other video game media including art, development, and narrative. Events at #GRCON3 featuring Emily Reese: Panel: The world of Pod Casting with Emily Reese. Emily Reese, founder of Joon Media and former Top Score Podcast host, talks about her journey through radio programming, pod casting best practices, and her new adventures at Joon Media. Midwest Game Jam Presentation Our special guests will be playing the games created in the 24 Hour Midwest Game Jam live on stage for all to see. Listen to their commentary, see if the game performs as intended, and then play the games afterwards. Find Emily on: youtube twitter facebook global-globe-network-planet-web-world-icon-30

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