Special Guest: Ben Mullen

Ben Mullen is a master Tetris player who was the 7th person confirmed to have maxed out the score in NES Tetris (999,999).  He also holds The SNES Tetris score record with a score of 732,465 as well as several other notable tetris feats. He is one on the Principle stars in the Tetris documentary Ecstasy of Order: the Tetris Masters, a documentary highlighting the search for the world greatest tetris player (spoiler alert; nah jk, go watch it).  He is regarded as perhaps the greatest looking tetris player of all time and amongst the most humble as well. Get Tickets to see him here Notable Records:
  • Highest score in Tetris with “next” box disabled
  • Highest score in B-mode Level 9-5 of Tetris (NES) with “Next” box disabled
  • Highest score in B-Mode level 8 to 18 of Tetris
  • Highest score in B-Mode Level 9 of Tetris
https://recordsetter.com/Tetris-world-records Ben will be hosting a panel to talk about his experiences as a Tetris Champion. Date/Time TBA

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