Faqs What is Gamer’s Rhapsody? Gamer’s Rhapsody is a video game convention celebrating video game creation. From their art, music, development, and storytelling, video games are highly advanced works of art. We celebrate it by creating a space that talks about gaming in this way and bringing fans and professionals together for a coming interest. What do I do at this convention? At our convention, you can compete in tournaments, listen to over 10 performances of video game music, host a panel, listen to a panel, build a game, learn music in our string clinic, play locally developed games, find nerdy merch, and many more. Do my kids need to pay to get in? If your child is 12 or under, they will get in free with each paid adult. Kids under 13 should be accompanied by an adult at the convention. What can I do to get involved? There are many ways to get involved at Gamer’s Rhapsody. You can volunteer, host a panel, perform, show a game, write faqs, sell merch, and more. Attendees: What Kind of convention is this? It’s a video game media convention. We celebrate all aspects of video games including the development, narrative, art, and music. So besides being able to play games from local developers, you can listen to video game music, talk with artists, and even play music for others. Will there be panels? Yes there will be. See Schedule Can I host a panel? You could have if you applied earlier. You can in 2017 though! Wait, I can perform at Gamer’s Rhapsody? Yes you can! We’re looking for performers to play on our main stage and in our Jam Café. This year you can try out our Jam Cafe, but if you want to perform next year, contact us. Do you pay your performers? Some performers can be eligible for a stipend and/or travel expenses paid for. If you think you have experience performing video game music and would like to be a part of our headlining performance list, please contact us. How much does it cost to go? Gamer’s Rhapsody weekend passes are on sale until the convention for $35 plus fees. You can get 3 tickets for $25 each if you can find two other people to go with you. At the door, Weekend passes will cost $38. Do you offer group discounts? Besides our four pack of tickets, groups of 10 or more can receive a special rate in advanced. Please contact us to discuss details. Can I stay at the hotel? The Doubletree does have a special convention rate available here. Do I really get free RedBull? Yes you do! But it must be consumed in our jam café and is not permitted onto the convention floor. Will there be food? Food will be available from many restaurants around the hotel, along with the hotel’s restaurant. Outside food and beverage is more than welcomed to be consumed in your hotel room, but will not be permitted onto the convention floor.   What if I buy a ticket and find out I can’t go? All sales are final on ticket, however you’re allowed to transfer the name on the ticket to someone else who can go. You must contact us to arrange this at by 11/17. What if there’s a snowstorm? Gamer’s Rhapsody will continue through the snow unless the state declares an emergency and shuts down all the roads (ALL the roads). We recommend getting a hotel room Friday and Saturday to limit travel and to enjoy our late night concerts. Do people cosplay? Last year we had a handful of cosplayers. We encourage cosplay at Gamer’s Rhapsody as long as it is family friendly. Do you have room parties? Currently we don’t have any public room parties scheduled. If you think you want to host one, please contact us! Do you need volunteers? YES! We are looking for volunteers. By volunteering, you can get free entry to Gamer’s Rhapsody along with points towards other events. Go here to learn more. Do people actually frequently ask these questions? Yes. Including this question. Was that last question a little sarcastic? Yes it was. So basically the person writing this FAQ just has a conversation going on in their head. Yes. The person writing this is attempting to think about possible questions people might ask. Some of them will likely never be asked…but maybe someone didn’t want to ask? I feel like I should get something special for reading this far down in FAQs. Do I get anything? Yes you do! You get knowledge and wealth. Wealth as in, since you spent so much time reading this, you can use promo code: GR3 to get $5 off your ticket. But shhhh. “It’s a secret to everyone.” But I want to tell my friends about the promo code. What should I tell them? Tell them to read the FAQs.

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  1. I am with an e-sports team at Dakota State University and I am wondering what kind of tournaments are at your convention. I am also wondering how much would relate to e-sports so then I would be able to go with additional club members. Thanks

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